Jar of Pickles


Let Aime's Gourmet Pickles add some oomph you any of your meals with their selection of regular dill spears and slices or kick it up a notch with their sweet jalapeno dill spears and slices.


Available in 32 oz. jar


Available Flavors:

Sweet Jalapeno Dill Spears

A delicious combination of sweet and dill with a kick of heat. Great as a crunchy side at any meal and perfect for a snack right out of the jar.


Regular Dill Slices or Spears

Did you think it was impossible for anyone to perfect your grandma's dill pickle recipe?

Well....Aime's pickles HAS! Loaded with garlic and dill, these pickles are bound to brighten up any meal.


Spicy Dill Slices or Spears

Made with habanero peppers, these pickles have a spicy kick that adds to the overall flavor profile. Great by themselves or added to a sandwich or bloody mary, these pickles are sure to spice up your day! 


Bread & Butter Slices

Sweet and tangy bread and butter pickles! Enjoy their unique recipe for this southern staple. 


Aime's Gourmet Pickles are proudly produced in Miamisburg, Oh

Jar of Pickles - Aime's Gourmet Pickles

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