Big Axe uses natural herbs and spices, without any fillers like potassium chloride, salt, sugar, gluten or preservatives.  Their salt free 2-3 oz spices comes in a plastic shaker and are available in various flavors.  Big Axe spices are naturally free of salt, sugar, gluten and preservative.  They are also vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halah friendly.


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Available Flavors:

Mega Flavor - Original blend of 18 herbs and spices, including a variety of mild roasted peppers

Smoked - Flavorful blend of smoked garlic, roasted and smoked peppers, plus a touch of lemongrass

Farmstead - Mild herbs and spices for delightful fresh dressings, dips, salads

Taco Dora - Mild seasoning that is great for tacos, burritos, nachos, enchiladas, salads, rice, beans, dips, quesadillas, tortilla soup

Crosscut - Canadian steak seasoning, made with garlic - smoked with Canadian whiskey-soaked hickory chips

Patri's Pizzico - Sicilian seasoning blend and means "Father's Pinch"

Ursamax - Mild Italian go-to blend to create scrumptious dishes of the Mediterranean

Chorizo - ​Incorporates spices inspired by the flavor of Chorizo pork sausage originating from Spain and Portugal. The aroma of roasted Ancho Peppers in our Chorizo blend creates an extra tantalizing flavor

Umamibear - Great blend for any dish providing an Umami sensation with a hint of curry flavor

Black'n Jack - Spicy cajun go-to blend for cajun seafood, meat, rice and more

Zingibear - Blend of herbs and spices including garlic, ginger and lemongrass --popping with flavor and zippin' zing to add to your favorite Asian dish


Big Axe Spices are proudly made in Miamisburg, Oh.

Big Axe Salt Free Spices

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