Fruit Salsas


In 2017, retired firefighter and parmamedic, Captain Ang founded Gourmet Firehouse Salsa.  Made with all natural ingredients, this fruit-based salsa packs the sweet and the heat.  Whether your tired of tomato-based salsa or looking to spice up an old recipe, this salsa will leave you craving more!  


Comes in 16 oz. jar


Available Flavors:

Mango (Mild or Medium)

Mango Salsa was the first salsa created for Gourmet Firehouse Salsa.  Fresh mango, apricot and pineapple are kicked up a notch with the addition of habanero peppers and jalapeños.


Pineapple (Mild or Medium)

Pineapple Salsa is a star in its own right. This sweet and flavorful fruit-based salsa will bring a tropical taste to any dish. Pineapple and mango pieces are sweetened with honey and spiced with habanero peppers.


Mandarin Orange (Mild or Medium)

Mandarin Orange Salsa is a refreshing and bold blend of mandarin orange, mango and pineapple. Similar to the other salsas, this flavor also includes habanero peppers and jalapeños for a little added spice.


Firehouse Gourmet Salsa's are proudly made in Cleveland, Oh

Fruit Salsas - Gourmet Firehouse Salsa

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