100% Pure Local Maple Syrup


Four B’s & Trees is a family farm company specializing in handmade maple syrup and maple products from their own trees as well as honey and other miscellaneous farmed products that each season provides.


Available Flavors:

100% Pure Ohio Maple Syrup

Hand-made and hand-tapped from Southern Ohio Maple trees, this dark, rich syrup will naturally sweeten any of your breafast treats!  Available in 12 oz. bottle. 


Cinnamon Maple Syrup

Each bottle of maple syrup holds a cinnamon stick that provides just enough spice to kick up the flavor of your pancakes, waffles or french toast.  Available in 8 oz. bottle. 


Vanilla Maple Syrup

Enhanced with a sweet, perfumed aroma and a woody flavor, this maple syrup is infused with vanilla, giving each and every bite an extra hint of sweetness.  Available in 8 oz. bottle.


Four B's & Trees maple syrups are produced in Felicity, Oh.

Local Maple Syrup - Four B's And Trees