These fragrance candle warmers are designed to warm wax melts and candles while quickly releasing fragrance throughout the home.  Elegant home décor is the focus of every candle warmer that you see here, and each is made to complement your personal taste. Simply add wax melts to the dish, turn it on, and enjoy your favorite fragrance as it spreads through the room. Offered in three distinctive styles to match virtually any decor, you choose from Mission, Coastal and Glass Mason Jar. 


Each warmer measures 8.8"x4.6"x4.6" and has an NP3 Vintage Warming bulb. Cord is 3 ft long with a dial switch for easy on/off.


Styles available:

Mission - The warm glow of an exposed bulb shines through bubble glass in geometric shapes, framed by the burnished brown metal of the vintage bulb.

Coastal - An updated traditional style with metal rings in a matte black finish give this warmer a vintage lantern feel.

Glass Mason Jar - An elevated, repurposed feel is applied to the traditional mason jar with crystal clear glass and a matte black warming dish and handle, all beautifully highlighted in the glow of the vintage style warming bulb.



Fragrance Candle Warmers

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