Little Hiker Bird vinyl stickers share the honest feelings and inner rage of life through birds. They are the perfect addition to water bottles, cars and laptops!  Every sticker is dishwasher safe and weather resistant to ensure that your feelings can be expressed for as long as you wish! 


Each sticker averages around 3 inches in size.


Available Stickers:

I See Your Point

Beleaf In Yourself

I Don't Carrot All

I Eat Plants

Yay Veggies

Cat Hair=Style

Let's Go!

Some People Like Dogs. Some People Suck.

I Whaley Love You!

Hike The Day Away

Dog Hair=Style

A Toasted Marshmallow


F*ck%ng $h*t!

I Love Me Some Spicy Noods

Radiate Positive Vibes

Oh Frick.

Send Wine.

Don't Make It Weird


Little Hiking Bird stickers are produced in Dayton, Ohio or where ever Little Hiker Carol happens to be traveling.

Stickers from Little Hiker Bird

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