The Milkhouse Candle Co. uses pure beeswax and natural soy wax from soybeans grown in America’s Midwest.  No artificial dyes are added and there is no lead in the wicks.  Their blend of waxes provide a safe and clean-burning alternative.


We carry 5 oz cream jars, 16 oz. butter jars and large wax melts


Seasonal Scents Available include:

Apple Strudel - Fresh apples baked with juicy raisins in a fragrant blend of spice topped with a buttery crumb streusel. This will take you right back to Grandma's kitchen on baking day.

Brown Butter Pumpkin - Rich pumpkin puree blended with browned butter, toasted nutmeg, and cinnamon. Swirled with sweet vanilla cream and brown sugar.

Cabin Fever - This is an original Milkhouse favorite. Woodsy, warm, and spicy. You won’t mind being stuck indoors with this complex, inviting aroma.

Citrus & Lavender - Clean, tart citrus notes combined with fresh fields of lavender buds. A very clean fresh fragrance for your entire home.

Eucalyptus Lavender - A refreshing up-to-date blend of lavender and the exotic spice notes of eucalyptus. Very warm and inviting.

Holiday Home - A perfect blend of fresh, vibrant notes of grapefruit, bergamot and fresh soft florals.

Sticky Buns - Warm cinnamon rolls fresh from the bakery oven. Gooey, sticky, and so fragrant!

Sweet Tobacco Leaves - Tobacco leaves accented with notes of cognac, amber, and sweet peach. 

Welcome Home - Warm hearth fires and fresh baked goodies from the oven. Sweet, spicy, fruity, and delicious.


Banana Sunset - Sweet ripe bananas infused with vanilla, intermixed with mango nectar and a splash of coconut water over a bed of tropical cyclamen blooms and musky tonka beans.

Dancing In The Rain - A summer rain on orange blossoms, summer orchids, and wind swept grass.

Lemongrass Tea - An earthy uplifting fragrance. Fresh green notes with hints of Meyer lemons and sweet ginger.

Summer Storm - Like an unexpected storm…dewy greens, moist earth and cool breezes are awash with aromatic herbals calmed with rain-soaked woods and hints of coconut water.

Tiki Beach Flower - Blue green waves mingle with tropical fruits of melon, pineapple, starfruit and juicy red berries amid breezy island florals.


* Contact store directly for availibility of your favorite out of season scents.  937-426-6005


Milkhouse Candles  are made in St. Ansgar, Iowa 










Milkhouse Candles & Wax Melts

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