Beautiful Mind Design brings us sarcastic, funny and and quirky stickers that share your opinions, feelings, interests and ideas without you uttering a single word! These stickers are created by Jessica, the owner of Beautiful Mind Design, and are reproduced by a third-party partner who ensures that every sticker meets her high-quality standards.  All of the stickers you see here are waterproof, weatherproof and dishwasher safe, which means they are perfect for placing on your vehicle, water bottle, laptop, phone, skateboard or anywhere else your heart desires!


Stickers vary in size but they are no larger than 1 to 3 inches.


Available Stickers:

OHIO Rainbow - Bold Script

Dayton Peace

Ohio Rainbow - Thin Script

Beavercreek Peace

Ohio Vibes


Stickers by Beautiful Mind Design are produced in Dayton, Ohio.

Ohio/Local Pride Stickers by Beautiful Mind Design