Scentsible Scents, Ltd. candles are highly scented candles that are hand-poured into smooth sided 9 oz. jars and labeled with a brown kraft label.  All original Scentsible Scents candles have a wax, black crow centered within the wick that will melt right along with the rest of the candle.  The Crow Bar wax melts uses the same great smelling scents and can be used in any wax melt warmer.  


We carry 8 oz jelly jar candles and large Crow Bar wax melts


Year Round Scents Available Include:

Apple Cellar - No need to walk down those old dirty cellar steps with Grandpa just to get a whiff of those fresh, juicy red apples stored away for the winter.

Brown Sugar Bowl - A wonderful combination of warm caramel and maple. Nothing short of sticking your nose into a pan of butter and brown sugar simmering on the stove in preparation of the warm goodies granny is makin'.

Lemon Curd - A fresh, lemon filling piled sky high in a buttery crust and topped with golden meringue and sitting in the open window to cool.

Orange Clove - Remember the pomanders that gave such a warm, aromatic scent to the closets and cupboards of old? Refresh those memories with this wonderful fragrance.

Spiced Cranberry - Take fresh cranberries and stir in a bit of spice and you’ll have a wonderful, not-too-sweet, olde time favorite. A ripe burgundy red compliments this scent.

Sugared Pumpkins - Warm ginger added to pumpkin is like no other. This is the perfect scent for those cool fall evenings.

Twisted Citrus - Bright and refreshing, with a hint of tart and sweet, just like our favorite citrus fruits!


Spring and Summer Seasonal (March - July) Scents Include:

White Lilac - Many have told us how smelling this scent reminds them of their childhood! A perfect blend of branches and blooms and warm summer breezes!

Blackberry Vanilla - The aromatic scent of vanilla, mixed with sweet, blackberries, brings back memories of Granny's warm, blackberry cobbler, just waiting to be topped in rich, vanilla ice cream!


Fall and Winter Seasonal (August - February) Scents Include:

Nutty Butter Pumpkin - The sweet, spicy flavor of pumpkin, mixed with a warm, nutty flavor. 

Cabin Fever - A balsam, cedar wood and spice combination that will surely remind you of walking into a log cabin nestled deep within a remote pine forest, where the wood smoke from a fire still lingers.

Christmas Morning - The sweet smells of cranberry, clove and cinnamon, all wrapped up in a candle. 

Winter Wilderness - Imagine yourself standing among the tall, stately pines of a Canadian forest. The pungent scent of pine is in the air and the crisp dry needles are underfoot.


* Contact store directly for availibility of your favorite out of season scents.  937-426-6005


Scentsible Scents, Ltd. candles and wax melts are produced in Kettering, Ohio

Scentsible Scents, Ltd. Candles and Crow Bar Wax Melts

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