We have four wonderful flavors of The Mustard Man products.  Each delicious flavored mustard comes in 8 oz. plastic bottle.


Available Flavors:

Simply Sweet

A softer, creamier lightly sweet mustard that won't offend the "Non-Mustard" friend or family member who attends any gathering. This mustard is definitely a great "Party Dip" for chips, cheese, crackers, burgers, brats, hot dogs, deli sandwiches, chicken salad, tuna salad, chicken tenders, or nuggets.  It is also a great base for deviled eggs or egg salad.


Simply Peppered

Your love of ground black pepper has a home. This mustard is a perfect match for your grilled meats like steaks, chicken, burgers, brats, turkey breast. Can be used as a coating for smoking meats. Simply Peppered goes great with roasted vegetables as well.


Simply Chipotle

Smooth taste with a little smoky kick for those who want just a little heat. Good in anything that needs that extra something that only Simply Chipotle can give, with a slow heat that allows the flavor to stand out. Throw it in your chili, or any recipes where you want a little kick.


Simply Horsey

A smooth mustard with a horseradish flavor that adds a flavorful bite, without being eye-watering or sinus-clearing.  Excellent addition to roast beef, prime rib, corned beef, brats, burgers, hard-boiled eggs, and salads.  Goes great with sharp cheese and crackers as well.


The Mustard Man products are proudly made in Canton, Oh.

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